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The current Sermon Series at Pikes Peak Park Baptist Church by Pastor Mark Hensley, is entitled, “A Legacy Longed For,” through the Book of 2nd Timothy.


Thoughts and desires for those who will come after us run the gamut, from relational to financial counsel.  For Christians, what is ultimately important, is our desire that those we know in life will at some point seek to follow the Lord.  We long for our friends and family to discover what we have come to know....that life with the Lord, Jesus Christ is beyond fulfilling, and life without Him is merely existence.


The Apostle Paul, in writing 2nd Timothy, knows his early life will soon conclude.  His thoughts, inspired by the Holy Spirit, read like a “Last Will and Testament.”  Over the next few months, we will sit with Paul, in the “Mamertine Prison” in Rome, listening and peering over his shoulder, as he communicates “A Legacy Longed For.”

Titles/Verses each week:

"A Call To A Courageous Faith,"  2nd Timothy 1: 1-7

"Not Ashamed of the Gospel,"  2nd Timothy 1: 8-12

"A Friend in Need,"  2nd Timothy 1: 13-18

"Strong in Grace,"  2nd Timothy 2: 1-7

"No One Like Jesus,"  2nd Timothy 2: 8-13

"An Approved Worker,"  2nd Timothy 2: 14-19

"Useful to the Kingdom"  2nd Timothy 2: 20-26

"Difficult Times Ahead,"  2nd Timothy 3: 1-9

"Struggles in the Christian Life," 2nd Timothy 3: 10-17

"Fulfill Your Ministry,"  2nd Timothy 4: 1-5

"Poured Out,"   2nd Timothy 4: 6-8

"Final Thoughts/Final Warning,"  2nd Timothy 4: 9-15

"Lonely, But Never Alone,"  2nd Timothy 4: 16-18

"Until We Meet Again,"  2nd Timothy 4: 19-22