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10/22/23Adultery Destroys”  Exodus 20:14


10/29/23 -  Not Yours to Take,”  Exodus 20:15


11/6/2023How To Handle Your Neighbor's Reputation, - Exodus 20:16


11/12/23 The Sin Nobody Will Admit To, 

Exodus 20:17

"The Ten Commandments." We have heard them often as believers and non-believers might have an awareness of them, but by and large they are not as well-known as we may think.

The Lord has expectations of human conduct!  The Ten Commandments are not, as retired news broadcaster, Ted Koppel, once said, "The…. Ten Suggestions!"

Over the next ten weeks we will study each commandment, with a fresh awareness and personal application, that can be life changing!

9/10/23 - “What is your First Priority?”  Exodus 20:1-3


9/17/23 - “A different kind of Selfie,”  Exodus 20:4-6


9/24/23 -  God's Last Name Is Not Damn,  Exodus 20:7


10/1/23 Sunday Matters!”  Exodus 20:8-11


10/8/23Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother,

Exodus 20:12

10/15/23 - There Is More To Murder Than Taking A Life,  Exodus 20:13


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