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Unsung Heroes of the faith-1_edited.jpg

We are surrounded by them, and we are hopefully included in their number. Your life has been enriched by their lives, sometimes from far away and sometimes up close and personal.  The world could not and would not continue without them.  They are, in fact, invaluable, though sometimes they don’t think so.  We encounter them daily, but often are so used to them being there that we forget what it’s like to be often on the receiving end of their grace extending lives!


You may be wondering, who are these you are referring to? That if they weren’t around the world, in general, our own lives would be diminished?  These are about the unheralded, unsung people who comprise most of the earth’s population.  They are often thought of as unremarkable, ordinary, nothing special, but that is when conventional thinking is just wrong! 


Throughout the Bible they show up, often briefly and they don’t always get a lot of ink, but their impact is profound and yours can be too!

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