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A Timeless Truth of Jesus life is that He could not escape notice! That reoccurring reality captivates us more than 2,000 years after Jesus life and ministry here on earth.  In the Book of Mark, chapter 7, our Lord is being asked by a desperate mom to heal her daughter.  It is in the context of that earnest cry for help, that Mark reveals this powerful reminder that no matter how hard Jesus tried to rest and recuperate from the press of humanity’s demands …..He could not escape notice!


That was true of His life, from birth, to death….to Resurrection to Return, He Could Not Escape Notice!  Do others notice our devotion to Him?

3.3.2024 - "Jesus Surprises the Intellectuals," Luke 2: 41-50


3.10.2024 - "A Most Unusual Baptism," Matthew 3: 13-17

3.17.2024 -  "Transfiguration," Mark 9: 2-12

3.24.2024 - Palm Sunday

3.31.2024 - Easter Sunday


4.7.2024 - "A Mothers Hope," Mark 7: 24-29

4.14.2024 - "Every Eye Will See Him," Revelation 1: 4-8

4.21.2024 - "What Jesus Looks Like," Revelation 1: 12-20

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