There are times when circumstances seem to rivet our feet to the mundane sameness of existence. Days melt together in almost an unending feeling of routine. News of other successes or opportunities, more often than not, that are delivered in a Facebook update or a Text or on Twitter, leave us cold. When we feel as if our life doesn’t matter very much, that we are not significant or have not achieved what’s hoped for, we need a renewed Faith. In the new sermon series, “Experiencing Victory Through Faith,” epic stories from the book of Joshua, we will be challenged to believe God for something more in our lives…a renewed Faith!


August 9th - “Canaan Land Is Just In Sight” Joshua 1: 1-9

August 16th“Rahab: Not The Girl She Used To Be”

                     Joshua 2: 9-11

August 23rd - "Getting Past Your Jordan" Joshua 2: 1-6 

August 30th - "Stopping To Remember" Joshua 4: 1-7 

Sept. 6th - "The Manna Ceased" Joshua 5: 10-12

Sept. 13th - "The Leader Meets The Lord" Joshua 5: 13-15

Sept. 27th - "Overcoming Walls" Joshua 6: 1-7

Oct. 4th - "Some Things Can't Be Hidden" Joshua 7: 1-14


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